When does it make the most sense to purchase a used Smart Phone?

While it is definitely a good thing to have options, there are so many when you decide to purchase a smart phone that making the right decision can be overwhelming. You have choices, like whether to get a Samsung, Apple or some other brand, the color you should get, how much memory the phone has and a whole host of other options that can influence your final choice. Another category that you may want to factor into the decision making process is whether to buy new or used.

Some people choose to purchase a used model to replace a broken phone or to upgrade to a newer model. It turns out, though, that a lot of smart phone buyers get used models in order to save money in different ways. According to a study performed by the website Gazelle.com, about 17 percent of the used phones that were purchased on their site this year were from people who were purchasing phones for their kids. Younger users may not need all the bells and whistles of the newest models, so this bit of data makes sense. If a child only needs phones for emergency calls, for example, it may be best to get them a cheap used model and a pay-as-you-go coverage plan, instead of opting for the newest model and a costly two year contract.

About 20 percent of the customers used in Gazelle’s study were people who purchased a used model as their very first smart phone. Many of these folks were doing so to avoid getting locked into those expensive two year coverage contracts. About 33 percent of the used phone customers who purchased a smart phone from Gazelle said that they did so to get a better phone, but not necessarily the latest model.

You may still be tossing around the thought of whether or not to buy used or new for your upcoming smart phone purchase. If you are thinking about making a purchase soon, and consider a used phone to be an option, it is a good idea to know how much money you can save on some of the most popular smart phone models on the market today.

If you plan on buying a basic iPhone, you can probably save about $150 to $200 by choosing used instead of new. If you’re willing to get by with an iPhone 5C, you may be able to save almost $250. You could save almost $400 (about half the price of a brand new model) by choosing to get a used Galaxy Note 4 instead of a brand new phone. On the latest Nexus, LG and Xperia models, consumers are saving about $100 and some change by choosing to use reseller websites, like Gazelle, instead of purchasing new phones from the store or online retailers.

Any time you buy used instead of new – whether it be for a phone or even a car – it is smart to do your homework. Research the models you are considering buying, and do some background checks on the stores or online websites you plan on buying from. Don’t make a purchase from any retailer or individual that has a bad reputation for service or the products that they offer. And avoid the temptation to pay more for the coverage plan that you wind up choosing. Since you will be bringing your own phone along with you, it should be easy to find a monthly payment plan that offers you all of the options you need, without costing an arm and a leg.

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